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I create digital value for more than 20 years including Red Bull’s most viewed gaming & eSports content reaching millions, a global travel player and TikTok’s biggest German educational brand.

Now I am here to embrace your digital potential to the fullest.

Hands-on specialist due to applied experience in digital marketing, content creation and product management.

Offering full-fledged TikTok marketing, workshops & lectures, product management for digital products and paid digital ad management.


Marketing & Ads

Product Mngmt


Things I ♡ to remember

Red Bull, Digital Manager 2012-2017

Built gaming portal from scratch and turned into RB’s most viewed content within 6 months

Relaunched redbull.com with a newly editor backend app, state-of-the-art SEO and content marketing strategy

Editorial and marketing lead of gaming channels in 35+ countries (NA, SA, Europe, Asia & Africa)

Editorial lead and marketing of gaming/eSports video formats viewed by millions

Produced RB’s most viewed clip in 2014 with no ad budget (gaming content)

Halaltrip, Founder 2009 - 2012 (Exit)

Built entire platform with a budget of 20K and no employees (Exit to main competitor)

Created a travel platform with 1K+ manually curated Muslim-friendly hotels

Global media coverage such as BBC, The National, Al Ahram and Mashable

Learn more: BBC news piece

ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corp.), Digital Manager 2006-2009

Head of 3D game ORF-Ski Challenge (3+ M online players)

Won Golden Award of Montreux (2006) and Austrian Gamers Choice Award (2007, 2008)

Designed a nationwide gaming campaign together with renowned FMCG brand RAUCH

Commentary of live gaming streams and hosting press conferences

Relaunched Austria’s leading technology website (FutureZone) & tv program platform

Learn more: eSports World Cup event

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